Safe pedestrian crossings


We design various solutions - combinations of protected pedestrian crossings with the most effective pedestrian protection being achieved by using all of the following options:


    • Illumination of pedestrian crossing by lights with asymmetric radiant characteristics and white light (different from surrounding public lighting)
    • Detection of pedestrian movement (dynamic detection) at the pedestrian crossing and in close proximity where the pedestrian decides to enter the road (detection zone)
    • Safety anti-skid layer before crossing
    • Embedded LED lights in the centre of the crossing


  • Traffic safety device that limits the vehicle speed beyond the permitted limit
  • Retro-reflective frames for highlighting traffic signs for IP6 pedestrian crossing
  • 3D highlighting of the horizontal traffic sign V7
  • Guiding strips for blind people
  • Correct implementation of horizontal traffic signs according to TP 133 and V.L. 6.2.

Rugged crossing - ZEBRA ANTISLIP


Safety at pedestrian crossing is important in the car-pedestrian relationship. There is a danger of not only collision of a vehicle with a pedestrian but also a pedestrian slipping. So far, pedestrian crossings have been particularly slippery in wet conditions. A robust solution eliminates the formation of ice on crossings especially when frost on public road is likely to occur due to the weather conditions. Safe crossing is very important for all citizens especially for children and the older generation.


  • Certified system
  • The basis of anti-slip coating is cold plastic and high quality abrasive (hard crushed granite)
  • Robust system eliminates the formation of ice
  • Top layer - retroreflective glass beads for increased visibility
  • Long service life and superior anti-slip properties
  • It is possible to combine with guiding strips for blind pedestrians


The basis of anti-slip coating is cold plastic and high quality abrasive, in this instance hard crushed granite. The development of Zebra Antislip is in response to repeated calls from road safety managers, representatives of municipalities and citizens. Frequently used crossings and crossings at locations with high risk of ice formation (near water courses, places with different heat accumulations) or crossings at locations with impaired visibility in both directions (new dwellings, wide roads, bends in the immediate vicinity), we advise to change the crossings to this form of anti-slip slip coating.